Apply SKIN MD NATURAL before your harmful elements such as dish washing detergent, diaper, sunblock, rubber glove, chemical, irritation, solvents etc. Breathable skin barrier of SKIN MD NATURAL will protect your skin.


Try to skin disease such as Atopic dermatitis, Eczema, Acne, Psoriasis, Diaper Rash, Multiple skin allergies, dry skin, itching etc. SKIN MD NATURAL is not a medicine but breathable skin barrier protects the skin from harmful element and help to optimize the moisture and oil balance, In result, the skin;s self immune ability is increased and recover your skin to healthy status.


Before make-up, try SKIN MD NATURAL. It protectsyour skin from color agent. It also helps make-up last long and easy to wash-off. Skin tone will be brighter.


Breathable protective barrier of SKIN MD NATURAL will enhance the absorb of assenca through whole night while it also keeps the nutrition from essence. You will see the result in the morning.


The effects of modern life on your skin requires a real dry skin remedy Your outer layer of skin is designed by nature to protect the deeper layers of your skin from irritants and toxins. Once this protective layer is damaged, irritants can far more easily penetrate your body, causing dry skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, multiple skin allergies and many other less desirable health problems. So, what is the best lotion for dry skin? Is it possible to heal severe eczema?


The point is, dry itchy skin is nature's way of warning you that the protective elements of your outer layer of skin have been stripped away. What you don't know is that the soaps and cleansers you currently and have been using daily, greatly reduce your body's natural ability to repel the thousands of irritants and toxins that are commonly found in the home and work place and damage your natural defenses.

Recent scientific research has discovered that the current volume of dry skin care products available in the marketplace do more damage than good, simply because past research has focused more on form rather than function.

That is to say, what does your skin reallyneed in order for it to remain healthy and young looking?


That is where a recent discovery, shielding lotions, have taken the lead in skin care research. The scientific discovery has shattered the old cliché of how good you look and smell, instead focusing on what your skin really needs to stay young and healthy.

Clinical studies have shown that a shielding lotion will keep your skin hydrated and protected against irritants that cause dry skin. It's the best lotion for dry skin. A shielding lotion works with your skin to restore and strengthen your skin's natural barrier, while helping to prevent toxins and irritants from damaging your skin and robbing it of its natural moisture, hence, a dry skin treatment that really works!

In the past, Glycerin has been the standard against which all humectants (substances that absorb or help another substance retain moisture) are measured. Until now, no other humectant drew in as much moisture from the air as glycerin. However, the recent discovery and subsequent testing of shielding lotions and their positive and beneficial effect on your skin such as Skin MD Natural, demonstrated a moisturizing factor of at least 6 times greater than glycerin! Combined with its protective properties and natural ingredients, this makes Skin MD Natural a truly unique and revolutionary dry skin treatment!


Our goal from the beginning has been to guarantee that Skin MD Natural is as healthy and beneficial as it is effective – and it is very effective, as well as the best moisturizer for dry skin. We use the highest quality, safest ingredients and never use cheap, irritating perfumes. The word "natural" is widely used in the personal care products and cosmetic industry and is a relative term. At 93% natural ingredients, Skin MD Natural is among the highest echelon of products based on the percentage of natural ingredients. 93% of the ingredients in Skin MD Natural are all natural and/or plant–based natural ingredients. The balance of ingredients are food grade or medical grade products that are on the Food & Drug Administration's most safe list. In actual fact, there are almost no skin care products that are 100% natural that are any more marginally effective than Skin MD Natural in the battle to cure dry skin.

A variety of factors account for this.

For example, if all the skin or cosmetics products you used were produced locally and consumed in a short period of time, and never subjected to less than ideal conditions, then it would be far easier to formulate lotions that are 100% natural. The fact of the matter is, shipping methods don't guarantee constant temperature; products are affected by the cold of winter and heat of summer. Also, few consumers have the patience to store a 100% natural product properly or shake the bottle before each use.

The above are some of the hurdles that any formulation must deal with.

How many skin care companies disclose their ingredients fully? Not many – and if you don't know the scientific name, you can be fooled into thinking the skin care product is healthy! At 21st Century Formulations, we believe that transparency is best and the best policy! Every ingredient in Skin MD Natural is disclosed below, followed by a detailed description, to ensure you understand what you are putting on your skin.




Frequently Ask Question

  • Why do I still get a reaction from certain cosmetics even though they’re labeled as hypoallergenic?
    ‘Hypo’ means ‘less’ while there may be fewer irritants they’re not completely absent. Generally, the term ‘hypoallergenic’ is beauty industry shorthand for ‘fragrance free’.
  • Is Skin MD Natural really a natural lotion?
    Yes, Skin MD Natural is over 93% "natural" which is well within the highest echelon of actual percentage of natural ingredients of all products that have the word "natural" on their label. The ingredients in Skin MD Natural that are not "natural" are of food or medical grade and on FDA's most safe list.
  • How can I test if I will have a reaction to Skin MD Natural?
    Apply a small amount of lotion to the inside of your elbow before applying to the rest of your body.