Rodney Wilkenson
Commercial Pilot for a Major Airlines

I have had eczema on my leg for about 8 years.

At the onset, the first doctor I saw, wanted me to try steroids to counter only the symptoms, as there is no cure for psoriasis, or eczema. I was not willing to go that route as I know what steroids can do to your health. Also I was not interested in the bi weekly blood tests to check for liver damage while taking them. I was determined that something would work, I just had to find something that would work.

Throughout the years, I have seen several doctors in hopes of remedying this condition. I have been prescribed and/or recommended a long list of products and treatments. From what I remember some of these included Florasone Cream, Psoriaflora Cream, Cetaphil, warm olive oil, orally taken oregano drops, one doctor's own skin lubricating formula, and even used a few borrowed prescriptions.

In my search for some kind of relief I tried a remedy off the internet put out by Vital Botanicals. It consisted of a root extract to take orally and a cream. The tincture tasted as bad as the oregano drops I had used earlier. I couldn't follow through with it, it tasted too bad. I did finish using the cream, but it didn't do any good.

With everything I used, I really tried my best to make the remedies work. I kept with most of these products for months even though I saw no improvement but kept on in hopes that eventually there would be signs the product was working - but none did. The best result that I was able to obtain was that some of these products temporarily held my eczema in check, particularly around the edges of the affected area, but only for a short time.

For as long as I have had the condition, I have suffered through the cycles of itching, cracking, bleeding then weeping, and drying up again. Through all of the trials of products, probably Cetaphil provided the best relief to a degree. But nothing has taken hold like Skin MD Natural, as you can see from the photos. I have never found anything that comes close to this kind of relief, which the photos do not show, in addition to the results!


With Skin MD Natural, I could tell right away from the feel of using it on my hands that this might be a big improvement. I began using it on my leg, experimenting, as I did not know how much to use or how often. But I had high hopes, and after approximately three weeks I could start to feel a difference for the good before beginning to see the improvement. I began a strict routine of applications in the morning and evening. It was a routine of continually applying Skin MD that showed the results. It didn't happen overnight, as you can see from my photos.

At first the improvement was on the edges, the spreading had stopped. Then the bright colors started to go away, along with the scabbing. Most of all, the persistent itch was gone. That was a big relief! After approximately a month it was obvious that the crud was on the retreat!

With treatment continuing, you can see from the dated photos the recovery. I still use Skin MD Natural at least every other day on the area, just as insurance against any return of earlier conditions. I am most grateful for this product and for the help that it gave me with this skin condition. Thank you.